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Our Mission

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are empowering a more open and accessible global financial system. Individual investors are uniquely positioned to participate at the very forefront of the economic changes brought on by these technologies.

In the absence of fundamental data, most people turn to crypto influencers to source trading strategies that inform their own decision making. A vast oversupply of advice and the inability to verify influencer trading track records make it nearly impossible to identify honest individuals and/or communities who are actually generating real returns.

Therefore our mission is simple:

Filter Out The Noise.

Our Team

Tim Mitrovich

Co-Founder & CEO / Innovator, Entrepreneur, Technologist, Crypto Enthusiast.


Adam Parrish

Co-Founder and CTO / Active Crypto Enthusiast. Builder of Internet.


Sara Stewart

UX Design Director / Designed and built this site.


Chris Mathers

Senior Engineer / Web Styling Genius and Double Bass Player.


Cliff Hall

Senior Engineer / Frontend development O.G., blockchain enthusiast and sci-fi author.


Logan Faerber

Creative Director / Illustrator extraordinaire.


Our Partners

Clade Design

Clade Design is a design services agency based in Ashville, NC. They worked on the branding, illustrations and website for Olympus.

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Impekable is a UI design and mobile development studio based in San Jose, CA. They worked on Olympus' initial design.

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