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Frequently Asked Questions

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How is information shared on the Olympus platform?

The Olympus platform centers around “trust through verified transparency”. When you grant your Olympus account read-access to an exchange, we download your transactions and create shareable performance analytics that let your community have a view of your trading performance exposing your net worth or the dollar amounts of your individual transactions.

There are three views of your data:

Public View
The outside world gets a high-level overview of your trading activity, but they cannot see the exact times that your trades were placed or the percentage of total assets that each trade represented.

Trusted UserView
A user becomes trusted when you follow them -AND-they follow you back. Trusted users can see the exact time that trades were made and the percentage of total assets that each trade represented.

Your Own Personal View
You can see all of the details of your own trades, including exactly amounts of each trade placed. You are the only person who has access to this view and it is not possible to share this view with someone else.

I see dollar amounts on other people’s performance charts – I thought you said you don’t share amounts with anyone??

We don’t.

When you view the performance chart of another user, you are viewing their trading performance over time scaled to $100. In other words, if you started with $100 and made every single trade that user did in the same relative proportions, then those are the returns you would see.

By scaling all of the user’s actual trade amounts by a percentage that converts the first trade’s quoted value to $100, we are able to visually represent their trading history and returns without exposing how much money they have. You get to see for yourself what the user’s performance looks like, and the user doesn’t have to expose sensitive financial information.


What are Olympus Groups and how do they work?

Imagine you are the leader of a large community and you wanted to share your Olympus profile with community members as if they were trusted users. It would be quite a headache to manually follow each member and tell them to follow you back. Enter Olympus groups...

Olympus Groups map directly into existing Discord communities and serve as a convenient way for community leaders to disseminate information to community members. When you connect Olympus to your Discord community, existing community members automatically get the trusted view of your profile, provide they are also Olympus users and have connected their own Olympus and Discord accounts.

The only performance chart you can see without scaling applied is your own, and it is not possible to share the non-scaled view with anyone else.

How do I create an Olympus group?

Olympus Groups are created by installing Mercury (the Olympus Discord bot) into your existing community. Mercury acts as the bridge between Olympus and your existing community so that you don’t have to do any of the administrative work of adding users, removing users or giving them trusted access to your profile.

To create an Olympus Group:

1. Go to Settings > Groups and install Mercury (our bot) into your existing Discord community. (You will be required to connect your Olympus and Discord accounts)
2. Once Mercury is installed, your Discord server will appear in Settings > Groups (the Discord server will only appear if you are the owner of the Discord server)
3. Simply click create and you are done

Now, any Olympus user who is also in your Discord community will automatically be a member of your Olympus group and be granted trusted access to your profile. If the user leaves your server or disconnects their own Discord account from Olympus they will lose trusted access to your profile.

A lot of benefit –not a lot of work. Look Ma... no hands!!

I installed Mercury, but my Discord server doesn’t show up in Group Settings – help!

The Discord server will only appear in Group Settings as an eligible Olympus Group if you are the owner of the Discord server. If you are not the owner of the Discord server then DM the owner and tell that person to log in to Olympus and complete the setup process.

If you are the owner of the Discord server and you installed Mercury, but the server does not show up in your settings as an eligible group then make sure your Olympus and Discord accounts are still connected in Settings Profile. If you have disconnected your Olympus and Discord accounts, then Mercury will not be able to identify you on the Olympus platform and you won’t be able to complete the Olympus Group setup process.

If you are the owner of the Discord server and your Olympus and Discord accounts are indeed connected, then please email us and we’ll get your sorted out.

I co-lead a Discord community, do Olympus Groups support more than one leader?

Yes! Only the Discord server owner can create the Olympus Group, but once the Group is created, the owner can invite other Olympus users to become leaders as well.

All Olympus Group Leaders are (mostly) equal. Your Discord community members will have trusted access to all Group Leader profiles. The only difference between a Group Leader and a Group owner is the ability to create/disband the group itself.

If I create an Olympus Group, will Mercury automatically broadcast all of my trades to my Discord server?

No, Mercury does not broadcast anything by default. You can go into your group settings screen and create rules that govern which trades Mercury will broadcast and which ones to ignore.

NOTE: Regardless of your settings, Mercury will not broadcast any trades older than 5 minutes. Don’t worry, when you connect an exchange account, Mercury is not going to broadcast your entire trading history.

How do I control Mercury’s broadcast behavior?

In your Olympus Group’s settings you will see a section called “Your Mercury Settings”. There you will see that Mercury has two default policies:

Silence (default behavior) means that Mercury will not broadcast ANYTHING unless you specifically tell it to
Broadcast means that Mercury will broadcast EVERYTHING unless you specifically tell it NOT to

We’re betting most people will leave Silence as the default behavior, but hey maybe spamming every single trade you make is your thing... we don’t judge.

Once you’ve set a default policy, you can add exceptions to that policy in the table below. Select any combination of Exchange, Base Currency and/or Quote Currency and then click the plus sign next to the table header to add the exception to the list. Leaving a field blank is the equivalent of saying “Everything”.

For example, if you select Coinbase as the exchange, you leave base currency blank and select USD for the quote currency and click the plus sign to add a rule, then you are saying the exception is any USD quoted trading pair on Coinbase.

Bringing it all together, if you select Silence as the default policy and then you add an exception by selecting Coinbase as the exchange, leave the base currency blank and select USD as the quote currency. Then if you save those changes, Mercury will not broadcast ANYTHING except for USD quoted trades made on Coinbase.

You can add as many exceptions as you like. As a matter of fact, you can even add exceptions for exchange/currency pair combinations that don’t yet exist. That way you can get ahead of the game as an exchange rolls out new products!

I have invited another user to be a leader in my Olympus Group – do my Mercury broadcast settings affect the other Leaders?

No, they don’t. Each leader (including the owner) has control over their own Mercury broadcast settings. You can configure Mercury without any impact to the other Leaders’ preferences.

Do I have to be a registered Olympus user to install Mercury?

Nope. We would love it if you considered registering, but Mercury is free to install by anyone.

If you are not a registered user and you don’t create an Olympus Group, your trades (and those of your other community leaders) will not be broadcast into your Discord server, but you and everyone in your server will still have access to Mercury’s other snazzy crypto features.

Go ahead and give it a whirl.

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